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Roof repair

A roof is more than the structure that protects your family from the elements. Your roof also represents peace of mind and security, which is why it’s important that you give your roof the best chance to last a long time. Part of this is making sure there
are no leaks or holes for weather to penetrate or for vermin to come into your home.

The team at Keith Barker Roofing in Austin, TX, and San Antonio, TX, can complete expert inspections where we point out any weak spots that need to be repaired. Then, our roofing contractors can repair these points so that your roof lasts as
long as possible.

Roofing systems

When you need a new roof, give us a call and learn more about your roofing system options from the team at Keith Barker Roofing. We offer metal roofing, tile roofing, and asphalt roofing to match the style of your home or business without exceeding
your budget.

Commercial roofing

When you need a roof for your business, you prioritize efficiency so that any lapses in business are minimal. You also value quality and want a roof that lasts a long time without much need for maintenance. Most commercial buildings have durable asphalt
roofs or flat roofs with a weatherproof coating. We can minimize downtime for your business while we work on your roof, providing value throughout the entire process.

Residential roofing

When you need roofing services at home, it can be a major investment. Luckily, with Keith Barker Roofing, you’ll have access to expert roof repair and installation as well as financing options. We’ll also give you plenty of options regarding
the material of your new roof, as well as the style, so you’ll be sure to be able to find a roofing style that fits your home and your budget.

Siding installation and repair

Damage to your siding can cause water damage to the structure of your home and allow rodents and insects into your home’s structural core. Over time, these factors can weaken your property, so it’s important to have professionals out to your home or business
to inspect your siding and carry out repairs or a completely new installation, if necessary.

Window installation

Your windows have the potential to save hundreds of dollars annually in energy costs with the right installation. Keith Barker Roofing has the selection and expertise to ensure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible.


A small leak in your gutters can turn into a big problem. Gutters are meant to carry excess rainwater away from your roof and down to a planned spot on your property. However, if gutters are leaky or clogged, water can pool on your roof, increasing the
potential for leaks. We can repair and install gutters with a variety of different options to suit your needs.

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