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High-Quality Metal Roofing in Austin, TX

When you think of a metal roof, it’s likely that you think of an industrial-looking plane made of silver sheet metal, and it’s true, this is what most metal roofs used to be. Today, however, metal roofing material is being used in a variety of methods
and styles.

From metal shingles that look almost identical to other materials to a wide range of colors, you can choose a metal roof from Keith Barker Roofing in the Greater Austin Area that fits the style of your home or business without sacrificing the durability and value of metal roofing.

How does a metal roof stack up?

Putting cost aside for a moment, how does a metal roof compare to alternatives like asphalt roofs and tile surfaces?

First, a metal roof will last much longer than both asphalt and tile. A metal roof doesn’t have as many seams, giving it a lower potential for leaks. Additionally, metal roofs are much more durable and resistant to storm damage, fire, and other potential

The initial cost to install a metal roof is higher than tile or asphalt, but if you make the decision to go with metal for your new roof, you can sleep well knowing that it will last longer with very little needed maintenance.

The benefits of having a metal roof installed

You already know that metal roofs will stand up against the elements, are resistant to leaks and fire, and are extremely durable and long-lasting. In addition, metal roofing material can be very versatile, able to take almost any shape, and can be formed
to fit almost any style you could ask for. As a result, metal roofing material is known to have an exceptional performance-to-price ratio.

Now that you know the value offered with the installation of a metal roof, your job isn’t done. It’s every bit as important to have your new roof installed by experts in the industry to ensure that you’ll get the most value out of the roof that you choose.

Call us for metal roofing installation

Keith Barker Roofing has over 40 years of experience for customers in and around the Greater Austin area, installing high-performance roofs on homes and businesses to ensure durability and long-lasting value.

Did you know that when roofs fail during the first decade of their lifespans, it’s most often due to faulty installation? That’s why it’s important to work with a team you can trust. We’ll walk you through your roofing options and offer you the peace
of mind that comes with knowing your new roof is being installed by a team with the expertise and experience to get the job done right, every time.

Metal roofs need to be installed correctly and maintained every few years to perform their best over their long lifespan. With the team at Keith Barker Roofing, you’ll get this degree of value, guaranteed.

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