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Concrete Tile Roof Replacement Company in Austin, TX


Few roofing materials conjure up an image of luxury more than classic barrel-style tiles. With a striking aesthetic, superior durability and low lifecycle cost, the initial investment is easily justified in most residential applications. Indeed, our customers consistently report extremely high levels of satisfaction with our concrete tile roofing installations. Many factors contribute to the success of this material, but at its core, a concrete tile roof provides peace of mind that lasts a lifetime.

Tile Roofing and Replacement in Austin, TX
Concrete Tile Roof Replacement in Austin, TX


Concrete: The Material of Choice for Ancient Romans and Modern Roofers Alike

It’s common knowledge that virtually every building material will begin to show its age with repeated exposure to harsh weather elements. One of the most notable exceptions is concrete, which becomes harder and more durable as time passes. This remarkable property can be explained by a chemical process called hydration, in which the compounds in the concrete react with moisture and precipitation to form ever-stronger bonds with frequent exposure.

Hydration is the reason that so many ancient Roman structures made of concrete still stand while their marble equivalents lay in ruins. This incredible durability over time lends itself perfectly to residential and commercial roofing applications. Homeowners and insurance companies both love concrete tile roofs, as repair costs plummet, property value increases and the overall stability of your building improves!

The Lowest Lifecycle Cost in the Industry

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a roofing material with a lower life cycle cost than concrete tiles. In fact, most tile roofs will last as long as the building they’re installed upon, with minimal maintenance required beyond occasionally replacing damaged tiles. Because concrete tiles are so cheap to produce, the cost of repair is extremely low when performed by a reputable roof repair company like Keith Barker Roofing. When you purchase roofing tile from us, you can rest easier knowing that our products have been rigorously tested for break strength and permeability in compliance with ICC-ES standards. In layman’s terms, you’ll only ever receive the very best tile on the market.

Additionally, we offer a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure of your investment for years to come.

The Perfect Balance of Versatility and Utility

Because of how easy tile is to produce, it can be made to resemble some other favorite building materials (most notably slate and wood shake) to complement the look of your property perfectly. Thanks to tile’s increasing durability over time as well as its resistance to frost, fire and UV rays, you’ll enjoy lower insurance premiums since there’s less of a risk of damage or loss to your home or business. Additionally, tile provides enhanced thermal efficiency, often yielding dramatic reductions in your power bill. Taken together, these factors make concrete tile roofs one of the most cost-effective home improvement investments you can make.

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